Let the Sunshine In: DIY Spring Home Decor Projects



After your spring cleaning is complete, you may start to feel like your home could use a bit of a decorating revamp, as well. No matter your budget, you can easily give your home a springtime makeover with DIY home decor projects. Here are just a few of the best spring-themed decorating projects for every […]

Bottoms Up! How to Drink More Water Every Day



Did you know that there's a miracle drink that helps to improve your skin tone, promote weight loss, and even prevent headaches? It’s true—and it’s water! Drinking enough water is very important, and not just to keep dehydration at bay. Here are a few simple ways to drink more water every day. Invest in a […]

Foods to Avoid Before a Workout



It can be a good idea to fuel up with a healthy snack before a workout, but some foods should be avoided altogether before hitting the gym. To see the best results possible, avoid eating these three foods for at least a few hours before you work out. Flax Seeds. This may come as a […]

How to Design Your Own Floral Arrangement



Think that you have to visit a professional florist to find a magazine-worthy arrangement? Think again! With these simple tips for designing your own floral arrangements at home, you can fill your space at Windsor at Meadow Hills with gorgeous flowers or even give them as affordable gifts to friends. Choose the perfect vase. Choose […]

Make Your Own Molten Lava Cake with These Two Recipes



"Sinful" may be the only way to describe the dessert known as molten lava cake. This decadent treat combines chocolate cake with a warm liquid chocolate center melts in your mouth. There are many ways this cake can be made, some healthier than others. Try one of these two recipes for molten lava cake. Healthier […]

3 Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Women



It can be difficult to lose weight on your own, but with some dedication and a few smart tips from the professionals, your weight loss goals are completely attainable. Here are three healthy ways for women to lose weight. (Be sure to ask for doctor for advice, too!) Never skip a meal. Many people skip […]

Just Add Candlelight: Romantic Valentine’s Dinner Ideas for Two



Whether you’re on a budget or you simply want to plan a more personalized Valentine’s Day date than dinner at a crowded restaurant, preparing a home-cooked meal for that special someone is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. Here are three romantic dinner ideas that are made for two—just be sure not to forget […]

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