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You’re Sure to Love These Marvelously Minty Recipes

July 29, 2015 4:04 pm

Mint adds a special flavor to anything that you add it to, whether you muddle a bit in your favorite cocktail or use it to bring a bit of cool zest to marinated vegetables. Mint is also a very easy herb to raise in an herb garden, so it’s convenient to always have on hand. Here are just a few unique mint recipes that you’re sure to love.

Cucumber Lime Mint Agua Fresca [Simply Recipes]
This traditional Mexican fruit drink blends the cool, refreshing flavors of cucumber, lime, and mint into a juicy beverage that’s ideal for a hot summer day. Though the combination may seem strange, you’ll become a believer as soon as you take the first sip of this flavorful drink.

Zucchini, Mint and Yogurt Spread [The Kitchn]
Middle Eastern dips, like hummus and baba ganoush, taste wonderful on warm pita bread, but they can be a bit hearty for a simple snack. This zucchini and yogurt spread offers a much lighter texture, but the addition of mint and lemon brings out an intense flavor that’s just as delicious.

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls [AllRecipes]
Instead of ordering in the usual fried spring rolls from your local takeout spot, try these Vietnamese spring rolls for a healthier take on your favorite side dish. Thin rice wrappers hold the fresh veggies together, while Thai basil and mint leaves provide a bold, complex taste.

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Juicy Burgers and Dogs: Much Better Than Fast Food

July 22, 2015 4:44 pm

When you get a hamburger from Juicy Burgers and Dogs, rest assured, your meal isn't your average fast food offering. Located at a shopping center where South Yosemite and South Xanthia streets meet, a Juicy burger tastes better because it’s made from better beef. Only grass-fed beef is formed fresh here — not some flash-frozen puck of a patty. Get The Works, loaded with fresh veggies and toppings you won’t find anywhere else, like Tillamock cheddar and feta cheeses, jalapeno, and avocado. Get it cooked just the way you like it, and you'll have one unique burger. Don’t forget the real Chicago Style hot dogs, piled high with tasty ingredients. Folks rave about the fresh-cut fries and big milkshakes. It’s no wonder that you’ll usually see a line here!

Juicy Burgers and Dogs
6830 S Yosemite Street
Centennial, CO 80112
(303) 741-3647

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Clever Ways to Organize Books

July 15, 2015 4:05 pm

A bookworm’s home is a cozy one, filled to the brim with nonfiction and fiction titles in every nook and cranny. However, that often means that your ever-growing book collection feels like it’s taking over your house, with no real place to store it. Before you invest in yet another bookshelf, check out these creative tips for organizing your books.

  1. Declutter. Like with most organization efforts, the first step is ridding your book collection of clutter. Donate books that you haven’t looked at in years and start fresh with only the ones you really love.
  2. Choose a style of organization. Next, decide which type of book organization makes the most sense for you. Fiction and nonfiction? Alphabetically? By author? No matter which way you choose, it’s bound to make finding your books much easier.
  3. Place books on shelves. Once you decide on how to catalog your books, place them back on the shelves with the titles all facing in the same direction and the spines facing outward.
  4. Add some interest. To make your bookshelves look more visually appealing, intersperse your titles with stacks of books arranged vertically rather than horizontally. Add some pretty bookends, or even organize books by color for a designer-inspired look.
  5. Branch out. Don’t feel confined to bookshelves. Stack your books on coffee tables, on ledges or even across windowsills for a unique storage solution.

Easy Organizing: Tips for Books and Home Library [Good Housekeeping]
How To Organize Books [Home Storage Solutions]
Unique Ways to Organize Books [PopSugar]

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