Let the Sunshine In: DIY Spring Home Decor Projects



After your spring cleaning is complete, you may start to feel like your home could use a bit of a decorating revamp, as well. No matter your budget, you can easily give your home a springtime makeover with DIY home decor projects. Here are just a few of the best spring-themed decorating projects for every […]

Rooster & Moon Coffee Pub: Sit, Sip, Enjoy



Rooster & Moon Coffee Pub is a wonderful combination of coffee shop, pub, and eatery in Denver located not too far from Windsor at Meadow Hills. At Rooster & Moon Coffee Pub you can wear many hats. Many people come here to relax with friends over a can of craft brew beer or cocktails while […]

Bistro al Vino: Join the Excitement



Bistro al Vino is a lively neighborhood wine bar that's heating things up in Centennial. This cozy bistro is always bustling, especially on the weekend when you can expect to hear live music playing. Numerous patrons have remarked on how great the people watching is here. The food and drink are a hit, too! The […]

Bottoms Up! How to Drink More Water Every Day



Did you know that there's a miracle drink that helps to improve your skin tone, promote weight loss, and even prevent headaches? It’s true—and it’s water! Drinking enough water is very important, and not just to keep dehydration at bay. Here are a few simple ways to drink more water every day. Invest in a […]

Land of Sushi: A Short Trip for Fresh Flavor



Come to the Land of Sushi, a not-so-far-off place where tasty and beautifully prepared creations are made just for you. Located a short walk from DeKoevend Park, the Land of Sushi has become a popular spot because of its commitment to fresh food. Lots of regulars recommend that you take a seat at the sushi […]

Foods to Avoid Before a Workout



It can be a good idea to fuel up with a healthy snack before a workout, but some foods should be avoided altogether before hitting the gym. To see the best results possible, avoid eating these three foods for at least a few hours before you work out. Flax Seeds. This may come as a […]

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